Self-assured Brewster spent 4 weeks at the cottage.
12 years young Barron – a wonderful fellow!
Starr – Barron’s sidekick

Handsome NYC chap Brewster enjoyed the country setting.
Jacques & Ybehr – 2 charming Frenchmen!

Bonnie-a self-assured young lady!
Beautiful rescue Basil-the sweetest of boys
This adorable chap is Finley Cooper – all of 9 months old. He really enjoyed his cottage stay.
Rescue Mr. Belvedere – super handsome and 14 years young!
Beautiful Bella – another lucky rescue – 8 years young
Lovely and lucky rescue Susie.
This is Cookie
Exuberant and lucky rescue Luna.
13 tears young Snickers – a beautiful rescue
Sirius and Max - lucky rescues!
Sirius and Max – lucky rescues!
Charming and debonair rescue Max
Charming and debonair rescue Max

That fabulous face belongs to Maia
Lovely NC rescue Lena enjoyed a weekend at the cottage
Sadie loved playing in the snow for the first time!
Fabulous 9 year old rescue Sadie.
Beautiful Bodhi visited with his family.
his is 12 year young Rangely – rescued at 5 months and with loving caregivers ever since. A grande dame!
This terrific trio on their second visit to the cottage – L to R – Bindi, Happy and Brewster.
Handsome and debonair Tater – a 2-year old Blenheim Cavalier from Cambridge, was delighted to enjoy the spring smells of the country!
Rocky & Luna relaxing in the cottage.
Mo and Murphy – 12 year old siblings and lucky rescues spent a few days in the wilds of Western Mass. A splendid team!
This is 6 months old Mina – a Sato rescue (from Puerto Rico) now living a very happy and good life with her caregivers in Boston. What a splendid young lady!
Lucky and lovely rescues Pippin and Journey.
3-year old Texas rescue enjoyed watching the bunnies on the cottage lawn. Yes I said watching not chasing!
15 year old Jenny and 10 year old Pippin (they’re both deaf and she is almost blind) spent 3 days with us.. Delightful seniors as is their very devoted caregiver .
Beautiful Dahlia – of course a very lucky rescue!
Burt, Mr. Personality – 7 year old rescue via TN!
Handsome and charming Hank – reminded me so much of my ruby Cavalier Hailey.
This is fabulous Cheyenne – a rescue native American Dixie Dingo! For more info on these rather rare and interesting dogs visit
Gentle, sweet Remy and Cody below are great mates!
Confident Cody and Remy spent 4 nights at the cottage.
This is Otis, a very delightful young lad and a pandemic pup
Sweet Stitch (a pandemic dog) spent a few nights at the cottage.
Boomer (above) and Sugar – great mates and great guests!
Kayla – a beautiful Australian sheep dog
Gus is an authentic English bull dog…and what a mellow, wonderful fellow he is – 11 years young!

Beautiful Bella – great mate of Maia below
This is handsome Dunkin – best friend and devoted companion of Becky S – who spent 4 days at the cottage. They’ll be back in the Spring!
Gretel and Kaiser did some major hiking when they visited the cottage.
Buddies Otto and Waffle!
Cavalier Cottage B&B 6m · Matilda and her family spent Thanksgiving at the cottage.
This is beautiful, super sweet and gentle Amber. She had her front leg amputated due to cancer. She went to Eddie’s Wheels yesterday to be fitted for her wheel chair. Wish her the very best!
Lulu (17 years young!) and rescue Rosie – a splendid duo. So glad to have them stay at the cottage.
Beautiful Vicky enjoyed the cottage for a couple of days.
Big Bruno did a lot of hiking
Bruno & Charley celebrated New Year at the cottage