Fabulous 9 year old rescue Sadie.
Beautiful Bodhi visited with his family.
his is 12 year young Rangely – rescued at 5 months and with loving caregivers ever since. A grande dame!
This terrific trio on their second visit to the cottage – L to R – Bindi, Happy and Brewster.
Handsome and debonair Tater – a 2-year old Blenheim Cavalier from Cambridge, was delighted to enjoy the spring smells of the country!
Rocky & Luna relaxing in the cottage.
Mo and Murphy – 12 year old siblings and lucky rescues spent a few days in the wilds of Western Mass. A splendid team!
This is 6 months old Mina – a Sato rescue (from Puerto Rico) now living a very happy and good life with her caregivers in Boston. What a splendid young lady!
Lucky and lovely rescues Pippin and Journey.
3-year old Texas rescue enjoyed watching the bunnies on the cottage lawn. Yes I said watching not chasing!
15 year old Jenny and 10 year old Pippin (they’re both deaf and she is almost blind) spent 3 days with us.. Delightful seniors as is their very devoted caregiver .
Beautiful Dahlia – of course a very lucky rescue!
Burt, Mr. Personality – 7 year old rescue via TN!
Handsome and charming Hank – reminded me so much of my ruby Cavalier Hailey.
This is fabulous Cheyenne – a rescue native American Dixie Dingo! For more info on these rather rare and interesting dogs visit https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=dixie+dingo
Gentle, sweet Remy and Cody below are great mates!
Confident Cody and Remy spent 4 nights at the cottage.
This is Otis, a very delightful young lad and a pandemic pup
Sweet Stitch (a pandemic dog) spent a few nights at the cottage.
Boomer (above) and Sugar – great mates and great guests!
Kayla – a beautiful Australian sheep dog
Gus is an authentic English bull dog…and what a mellow, wonderful fellow he is – 11 years young!