Bryon & Sammy – distinguished senior citizen and rescues!
Handsome Virgil spent 3 nights at the cottage.
Sweet ladies Mya and Bevvie – both lucky rescues visited from PA
Lovely lady Loki -spent a month at the cottage.
Sweet Pomeranian puppy – Bingo
Sweet and deserving rescues, Cedar and Scotia.
Rocco – another fabulous rescue.
Delightful Dolly – another wonderful rescue
Amazing Tullah – a search dog extraordinaire in
Lucky rescue Jolie – 11 years young!
Ava-a special needs rescue…and a very special lady.
Yikes and Halli attended agility class for 3 days
16 years young came to be fitted for an Eddie’s Wheel cart.
10 years young rescue Sascha.
Rescue Skye spent the July 4th weekend at the cottage.
Great threesome of Hannah, Mochi and Alli (latter 2 lucky rescues).
10 years young Bib – a rescue and great guy!
Beautiful and lucky rescue Dottie
Handsome Lou and gorgeous Gigi!i
Great friends and great rescues Bimini and Havana!
Handsome and lovable Flappy
12 years young Oreo
Eva – a service dog who works with her psycholgist mum
What a handsome boy is Juniper
What a handsome boy is Juniper
14 years young Bismarck!

Cavapoo Lucky

Fabulous rescue Yuki

Beautiful Bea
Rescue Savvy and Bodie – Portuguese water dogs
10 week old Ice – adorable!
Very handsome lad Rocco